Come Visit Israel!

Experience the Bible
On Location – In the Land

Why Israel?
Why Now?

Israel needs you now more than ever.  The world is turning against us; recent events in the Middle East are throwing us into greater turmoil with our neighbors... (continued)
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Israel & Greece
Sept. 20 - Oct. 1


Pastor's Solidarity Tour
Jan 8 - 18, 2020

Experience Israel Tour
Feb 27 - March 14
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You'll Never
Be The Same

Before coming to Israel, reading the Bible was like watching black and white TV. Now that I have been there, reading the Bible became like watching colored HDTV.

Tour Participant

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Tips for Traveling to Israel

Many have asked us,

What do I need to know before I travel to Israel? What should I bring?

Tours of Hope has many years of helping visitors, pilgrims, and the faithful find their way in Israel. We have a section devoted to frequently asked questions about passports, money exchange, weather, food, safety, driving, internet, cell phones, and everything else you want to know about travel to and in the Middle East. Read more here!
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Come Visit Israel!
Come Visit Israel!
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